“Crisis-Proof Services: Why Trade In Services Did Not Suffer During the 2008-2009 Collapse”

Journal of International Economics, 2016, Vol 98, 138-149. Online Appendix. Also featured in VOXEU, GED

  1. Winner of the “2015 Geneva International Award” (from the Swiss Network for International Studies)

“Governance Quality and Net Migration Flows”

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“Services Versus Goods Trade: A Firm Level Comparison”

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“Firm Heterogeneity and Aggregate Business Services Exports: Micro Evidence from Belgium, France, Germany and Spain” The World Economy, forthcoming (with E. Biewen, S. Blank, G. Gaulier, M.J. Gonzales, P. Meinen, D. Mirza, C. Martin and P. Tello)

“Trade in Services and Occupational Tasks: An Empirical Investigation”

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“The Balance of Brains: Corruption and High-Skilled Migration”

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Working Papers

“Interconnections Between Services and Goods Trade at the Firm Level” (with H. Breinlich, G. Corcos  & G. Mion) CEPR Working Paper 12169.

“One Way to the Top: How Services Boost the Demand for Goods” (with F. Mayneris & M. Parenti)

CEPR Working Paper 12918.

Work in Progress

“Winners and Losers of Service Offshoring: Firm and Worker Level Evidence” (with J.B. Jensen, K. Nilsson Hakkala & S. Tamminen)

Other Publications

“Determinants and Consequences of International Migration” in Biagi, Faggian, Rajbhandari and Venhorst ed. “New Frontiers in Interregional Migration Research’ Springer, 2018.